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"They were always there when they said that they would be, are knowledgable at what they do, and are hard workers. Very honest and dependable, and take pride in their work. We couldn't be more pleased with our experience with Pro Reno Group!"
Scott M., Fort Worth, TX
Lou and Dusty run a quality crew. We were blown away by their attention to even the smallest details!
Josh F., Pathway Church, Burleson, TX
"For years, we had dealt with water leaking into our house from an atrium located in the center of our house. Several contractors had come out, and couldn't come up with a solution. Lu and Dusty from Pro Reno Group came out, looked at the problem, and rebuilt our siding and sealed our atrium. I am confident that they have provided a long term solution to our problem."
Dennis D., Joshua, TX
"PRG is a company that demonstrates professional values when you talk to them about the work that needs to be done.They not only care about you, the customer but place a value on their prices and the quality of the work they perform."
Steve C., Burleson, TX
Excellent experience with Pro Reno Group. Lu and his guys did an amazing job with our home renovation as well as a few side projects. They covered furniture/walkways and kept the house clean during the project and were very efficient. Their work is second-to-none and the pricing is extremely fair. We will be using Pro Reno Group in the future and I would and have recommended them to anyone needing any type of home renovation/improvement inside or out.
Donnie D., Southlake, TX

"Pro Reno Group did an amazing job installing my new roof! These guys are very reliable, great communicators, and extremely detailed and honest. I had the guys also install new flooring in the bathroom, new toilets, they helped repair the side of my house, and also painted the exterior of my house. The work done was perfect! I searched a long time for a company I could trust, and found one with Pro Reno Group."
Corey R., Fort Worth, TX

"Excellent job with our new windows and siding. Every experience with PRG has been top notch."
Nat H., Burleson, TX

"Very prompt and professional company. Completely satisfied with the quality of work And the speed of completion. The guys really went above and beyond to deliver on quality. So glad we chose PRG for our addition!"
Shannon L., Alvarado, TX
"Perfection! The finished look of the bathroom renovated by PRG exceeded all our expectations. Our small 40 year old bathroom is now enlarged, bright, beautiful, and most importantly, safe.
Tony and Patsy V., Joshua, TX
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